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XcDirectory User Features 
XcDirectory makes it easy for you to publish a comprehensive site index. It has many great features that will make your site more useful and engaging. Below is a list of some of the features that are found in the user side of XcDirectory. Be sure to check out the demo to see these in action for yourself.
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XcDirectory Standard Edition
XcDirectory Standard Edition includes the following user features.

User Feedback & Ratings
Users can rate and leave comments about the listings on your site index. As the administrator, you can also choose to moderate ratings and comments to prevent any abuse. However, if you do not wish to have end users rate links then, like many features in XcDirectory, you can simply disable this option.

Search Link Index
Powerful search feaures allow users to find relevant links and information quickly and easily. The search functionality allows combination of search terms and fields (when additional fields are enabled by the administrator).

Individual Link Statistics
XcDirectory automatically keeps track of statistics for each link such as total number of hits, number of hits per day, and average number of hits per day.

Special Link Icons
Specials icons can be defined to make it easy to highlight links in various ways to site users. The administrator can define an unlimited number of special icons.

Report Broken Links
Users can easily report broken links to the system so it is easy to maintain very large site indexes without having to perform extensive checks yourself. Since your site user is likely to notice a problem link before you do, this makes it easy to ensure that your site does not contain a lot of useless links.

Mail To Friend
The Mail To Friend feature makes it easy for users to send relative information to their friends and associates. Not only is this functionality useful to your users, but you benefit as well since you can also include your own text in the Mail to Friend notification; when site visitors send information to their friends, they will also be promoting your site.

User Sort Options
Users can sort category lists and search results by various methods so that the order makes the most sense to them. They can sort by Title; Ratings; Total Number of Hits; Hits Per Day; and Newest.

Add Link
Users can submit their own links which helps keep your site content fresh. By letting users submit links, you get their help in keeping your site index more relevant as well as in finding more material than you could on your own.

View Hot Links
Users can quickly see a list of the most popular links in your site index.

View Newest Links
Your users can quickly see the latest items added to your site. This feature is great for your regular users, as they won't need to look far in order to see the most recent additions.

View Highest Rated Links
Site visitors can see the links that other users find most valuable. The ratings can help new users to finding the best content in your site index.

Upload Link Logo
Users can upload and attach a logo to a link. The upload feature requires the web server to have a supported Upload Component. See FAQ Article #12 for details.

XcDirectory Pro Edition
XcDirectory Pro Edition includes all the above features of the Standard Edition, plus it also provides a couple of additional user interface features as described below. The Pro Edition of XcDirectory features the XUD User Management System. XUD is a complete user account management system that makes it easy to manage user details on your site. It also provides complete integration with other XCENT web server applications. XcDirectory Pro Edition provides many more features for the site administrator. See the Admin Features section for more details.

My Favorites
XcDirectory Pro Edition allows users to create their own list of favorite listings on your site. This feature is implemented in a way that is more useful than the way most other applications do it. Most sites simply store your favorites information in cookies in the user's browser. If the user accesses a site like this from a different machine or upgrades their own machine, they loose their list of favorites. But users will never loose their favorites with XcDirectory! When users save their own favorites on your XcDirectory site, they can access them from any computer connected to the Internet. They can do it anywhere, at any time without having to even think about it!

Manage My Links
XcDirectory Pro Edition allows end users to completely manage their own link submissions on your site. They can edit their links, change subscription options for each link, and more. When billing users for additional options, users can manage the renewals for each link on their own.

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