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Frequently Asked Questions
Our complete online FAQ database is available at Some of the most common questions are shown below.
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Q Can XcDirectory be used with other XCENT products, like XcAuction?
A XcDirectory is available in two editions. These are XcDirectory Standard, and XcDirectory Pro.
While XcDirectory Standard Edition can be used along with other XCENT products, it does not come with the XUD User Management System and does not have the extra billing features; Manage My Links; or My Favorites features that are found in the Pro Edition.
If you have other XCENT applications and want to integrate XcDirectory with them, or you want to take advantage of these extra features, then you would want to use the XcDirectory Pro Edition. XcDirectory Pro Edition comes with complete XUD integration and can seamlessly integrate with your other XCENT web server applications.

Q Can I start with the Standard Edition and upgrade to the Pro Edition later?
A Yes, you can upgrade to the Pro Edition at any time.

Transmitted: 9/22/2017 5:38:04 AM
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