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XcDirectory Administrator Features 
XcDirectory comes in two different editions, XcDirectory Standard Edition, and XcDirectory Pro Edition. XcDirectory Pro Edition contains everything found in the Standard Edition, plus it includes the XUD User Management System and additional features as outlined below. The XUD User Management System is also used to integrate XcDirectory with other XCENT web server applications like XcAuction Pro and XcClassified Pro.
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XcDirectory Standard Edition
XcDirectory Standard Edition includes the following administrative features.

Validate User Submitted Links
You can optionally moderate user submitted links to maintain appropriate content on your site.

Manage Links
You can quickly and easily search on multiple fields to find relative links for maintainance.

Unlimited Nested Categories
You can create your own category structure. Create as many or few categories as you need. Categories can be defined up to 50 levels deep.

Non-Rootable Categories
You can define categories that users cannot place links directly in. Typically used as placeholders for additional subcategories.

Validate User Feedback & Ratings
You can moderate user ratings and comments in order to prevent any malicious comments or abuse.

Define Special Icons
You can define any number of special icons that you or your users can select from to highlight and differentiate listings.

Broken Link Manager
Quickly and easily update or remove broken links reported by users. Makes it easy to manage large collections of links.

Duplicate Link Checker
Although you can configure the system to screen users from entering duplicate links in either the same category or anywhere on the system, you also have an additional tool to search for duplicates when you want to allow them in most cases but weed out

Link Checker
An automatic tool to help you scan for links that are no longer active. Checks for broken links and flags them so you can investigate them for editing or removal. Requires a supported HTTP Component. For supported HTTP Components see FAQ Article 353.

RDF XML Support
You can publish your link index to the world in RDF XML format. This is a common XML data format used by the Open Directory Project to make the site index data available in a machine readable format. It makes it easy for other sites and services to interface to your site data, like used by Google Directory and many other sites.

XcDirectory Pro Edition
XcDirectory Pro Edition includes all the features of Standard Edition plus all of the additional features as described below. The Pro Edition of XcDirectory features the XUD User Management System. XUD is a complete user account management system that makes it easy to manage user details on your site. It also provides complete integration with other XCENT web server applications. If you want users to be able to completely manage links they post on their own, or you want to be able to charge users for using additional features on the links they post, then you want to use XcDirectory Pro Edition.

Assign Links
You can move or assign links to specific user accounts. Links assigned to a user account can be directly managed by the user.

Mailing List
Create unlimited mailing lists that users can subscribe to. Manage mailing lists, review and maintain mailing list history.

Bill Users for Link Options
When used with the XUD User Management System, you can configure XcDirectory to bill users for various options they select in the links they post to your site index. You can define your own fees for the following type of features: Per Link Fee; Bold Listing; Featured Listing; Cool Site Icon; Special Icon; Upload Logo. You can define if you want these fees billed once or on a recurring periodic basis.

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